day 2544 – shadow posting

no garage lifting today because my friend had some important issues to take care of. it was a much needed rest day so my body can recover from all the stress i put it through. instead, i wanted to get some work and errands done. i need to get a move on selling shadow as soon as possible because the insurance is really adding up. i just got caught in a bad time where all markets crashed, it was almost impossible to sell during covid

day 30 – my kind of accessory


fresh out of the package and sporting my new mini tennis ball keychain. been looking for this keychain for a long long time and its finally in my own hand. good thing the shipment arrived just in time for us open this year. and not to forget its andy roddick’s birthday today, happy 31st!!

day 15 – my first dslr


cheapest nikon dslr you will ever find in any market in the world but don’t expect it to work like one, not even as a usb like its designed to be. but at $13 hong kong dollars which is roughly two dollars canadian, i guess it can still be a cute little keychain if not an inexpensive paper weight