day 1076 – kettlebelling


finding my way to the gym on mondays has rarely been a problem. it’s kind of like a remote control that has me dialled in for some good sweat sessions. mondays are generally a very active day for me consisting of gym, training and some type of ball sport. getting my squatting and kettlebell workout in today before i am off to hit some tennis balls. we played some doubles matches king of the court style. i tend to shy away from matches whenever possible


day 892 – new nemesis


i knew the day would come when i would outgrow my pipe and needed to find a harder alternative. for as much as i use my rollers, my body has developed enough immunity to the pipe it no longer serves me justice. i have passed the stages of foam, firm foam, even firmer foam, ridged foam, plastic and pipe in sequential order; let’s get straight to the point and go for metal. found a new effective tool to roll out my frequently overused legs and get it to a functional state

day 522 – stress therapy


too stressed out lately with all that school work, applications and deadlines coming up in a hurry. getting my stress therapy so i can regroup before i snap and lose my mind. i have come to realize this is one of my happy place where i can be alone in my own little world. so glad i have an outlet because i know this place is where i can get away from the busyness of my hectic life