day 1064 – jenga mastery


i had a long hump day where i was occupied with taking care of errands, playing some much needed tennis and coaching a couple students. after a busy day running around everywhere, i ended the night chilling at off the grid with mo’s extended family. there we played cards and jenga while some of us sipped on milkshakes and others munched on waffles. i had a good time chilling with a welcoming bunch


day 611 – day off

first time since forever i have a day off which finally allowed me to sleep in for eight solid hours. getting in rest and having a party is a combo i never get enough of. nothing like having jenga and games competitions for drinks on a good friday. also first time i shotgunned cooking wine which was a unique experience but i would probably not do it again and i don’t recommend it to anyone. let’s get the party started and don’t let it stop until the night rolls by