day 2253 – europe essence

throwback to london time and the europe trip i had earlier this spring. used up all my spendings and vacation time in one go so i’ll have to wait and start planning for next year’s. i can’t wait until my next extended vacation and hope that there’ll be more fun times to come. for now, i’ll have to keep saving up for some big upcoming expenses and investments

day 650 – liquidation shopping


went lunch hour shopping today and made some impulsive buys since ¬†sportchek for downtown location was having a store wide liquidation sale. i do believe everything that i bought was deemed useful; stocking up on k tape is definitely a necessity in my case. good thing i stopped short of buying a pair of reebok shoes i thought was really cool wouldn’t have been a good¬†investment because it would only serve one major purpose

day 267 – nike frees


spending a fortune these days and this time i invested in another pair of nike frees that i have been eyeing since it first came out. the style and colour had me from the very beginning, i guess this is what you call love at first sight. utterly most comfortable shoes ever and will need to take extra good care of this pair. but as long as i work hard, it will be worth every penny

day 174 – that’s one thick book…


probably the largest, heaviest and most expensive paper weight on the planet: british columbia building code book with construction standards and norms. here’s probably three trees worth of paper just to print one copy of this handbook, unsustainable in every way yet so unncessary

day 102 – online shopping spree


spending money has never been a difficult task, its earning and saving that gives everyone troubles. with a few simple mouse clicks, i spent over three hundred dollars to purchase some gear that is deemed essential. hope everything turns out well because it the ordering process was a hassle