day 2705 – light sabers

my back is in much discomfort, but i was still itching to train because i feel like i’m rotting without exercise. as instructed by my chiropractor, i’m allowed to do some form of light training as long as it doesn’t make it worse. i took it slow and easy for the most part, but i also wanted to test it out and see where my range is at. back handsprings were okay; flash kicks and even basic cartwheels were not. i felt pretty satisfied that i was able to do my atuckaday on the floor because that was certainly not a given

day 2637 – shoot day

i woke up feeling like i never slept because i arrived ready for crew call starting at 5:40am. i’m pretty excited to be on set for the first time, i just haven’t woken up so early in a long time. it started off pretty busy going all over checking into different trailers, changing into costume, doing hair, checking make up and learning the new “animal form” choreography. we were on set until almost 7pm for a thirteen-hour day. it was pretty smooth day; i followed instructions to the best of my abilities and learned everything on the spot. the lesson of the day is always eat breakfast because we didn’t break for lunch until 3:30pm

day 2534 – teared up

i had a huge meltdown after class and it all started with being scolded for a drill i was expected to perform but couldn’t. had a long call with the coach afterwards who was very frustrated and thought i wasn’t cooperating today. i was extremely hurt when he said it appears i always skip the drills and don’t work at the technique he wants me to correct. usually, i take the instructions given and practice them the best i can, but he comes back and says i made no attempt to make the necessary adjustments. to say that i don’t put in the work or want it bad enough can’t be anymore heartbreaking because i can guarantee not many want it more than i do. i haven’t cried this much for as long as i can remember. i stayed out for six more hours just crying on my own and didn’t even bother eating dinner because i didn’t feel deserving. when i finally got home at midnight, i climbed into bed even though i knew it was going to be difficult falling asleep tonight

day 2363 – shoulder pains

still troubled by the shoulder pain so there’ll be no apex lifting this week. i can only be hopeful that nothing is torn and that i can slowly return to my normal functions. i still hit up nash to do what i could do. a girl, who’s not a trainer at the gym, drove me crazy when she kept shouting out the same instructions even though he obviously didn’t understand the first time. she seemed to think that speaking louder would get the message across

day 1103 – know no japanese

IMG-20170729-WA0006my headache has improved as the days pass by, but all those hours of teaching and coaching caused a lot of havoc for my throat. my mom gave me some medication she bought in japan, ones that only provided instructions in japanese. it doesn’t help that i am japanese illiterate. little did i know how to take them; i just assumed they were to be ingested in some form which is exactly what i did