welcoming 2016


2015 was a good year in the grand scheme of things. through the past year, i have learned a lot about myself and have a better grasp of what i want to attain and where i want to go. i realized my true ambitious self of not wanting to remain at the same level time after time, year after year. there was definitely not as much action as i would like in terms of taekwondo competitions, but sometimes fate and timing has a lot to do with it. continuing to be involved in the dodgeball community not only in vancouver, but expanded my team to richmond. there’s no surprise i remain injury-proned; but the frequency as well as the ability to heal myself has gotten progressively better. i cannot express how blessed i am to have met so many supportive people in my life that always lends a hand or provides motivational words so i can stay on track even when times get tough

here’s to welcoming 2016 with open arms with set goals and big ambitions to take everything to the next level. let’s write the next 365 days and make it a year to remember.

  • stay as injury-free as possible
  • eat clean, sleep earlier, train regularly
  • take on big challenges even if i am scared, that’s the only way to get to the next level
  • be more confident and less self-doubting
  • love myself, my family and my friends just the way we are
  • learn a new sport
  • pick up snowboarding
  • learn to code, write my website
  • complete obstacle courses
  • travel the world

i am ready to take on all these challenges. find my strong. it’s now or never

day 472 – bruise lots


feels like i am bruising by the minute and i just can’t stop it from accumulating. this is just a portion of the eleven bruises on my legs, there’s also several on my arms and back. i must have done something sometime when i clearly had no awareness. also banged up my wrist big time it’s completely out of commission to hold or do anything. better fix some of this soon or will be a shocker when my parents return

twenties series: [four] body


once a body part is injured, it will never be the same and will never get back to its original state. it’s no secret that i have been shattered and broken through the years, my history is longer than what you can imagine. many think i am crazy for not taking the necessary breaks when i am injured and making premature and spontaneous decisions to return to action. in the past i have always believed bumps and bruises won’t stop me from doing what i do, neither does sprains and breaks. thankful for the handful of people who takes care of me and picks me up when i fall and gets me back in the game; plus the numerous people have been around to always remind me to tame it down. i still believe that but i am much more aware and concerned with the risks i take. the older i grow, the more i understand the importance of taking care of my body and doing the necessary rehab. i learned that are no shortcuts and abbreviated version of the road to recovery, i wished i learned that before my body lost the ability to sense pain and stopped sending my brain the correct stimuli. i can guarantee i am working much harder to recover correctly, taking care of my problems head on and get back stronger. i will not give up the sports i love, but i will do all with more caution and continue to do the maintenance work required. i think i am starting to understand the saying take care of your body, it’s the only thing you have to live in

day 359 – flashback


looking at this photo of me back in the day makes me laugh. this was my first ever competition years ago and i have never looked back since and have gone on to many more. who knew this competition kickstarted my interest in competition and to this day still continue to compete whenever possible. seven years and counting, i have risen to and accepted many challenges along the way. been plagued with numerous undesirable injuries ranging in severity, but nothing stops me from doing what i care about. i have learned and gained so much, transformed from a girl who didn’t have the confidence to speak up in front of people to now having the confidence to step in the ring alone and perform in front of a large crowd. this is not to say its in my comfort zone because i do get nervous every time, but at least i am willing to take that step forward and do what needs to be done