day 1208 – tilted

img_20200204_2141186424235527246298942.jpglong day on the mats that spanned ten hours with a break that wasn’t even a break. it wasn’t even necessary when i was already past my point of hunger. the promotion test went well, but the impromptu meeting the grandmaster called was rather disconcerting because he wanted and expected us to shoulder more than what we’re currently taking on. i know some of his disappointment was directed at me because i made the wrong call at portland to pass on that seminar. well after digesting that discussion is realizing i need to feed my empty stomach

day 245 – routine


fourth day strong and it’s kind of coming back to me and becoming more of a routinea again. daily morning hot chocolate or french vanilla to keep me company and ease myself into the afternoon but the bigger concern is what keeps me awake in the afternoon especially when the weather gets warmer and sun shines brighter. caffeine can only have so much effect until it wears off