day 1880 – test drives

did some expensive window shopping this afternoon browsing around the audi showroom. though i didn’t get a chance to test drive the r8, i did get the opportunity to sit inside and imagine the thrill. i then took a a4 out for a short spin and that’s more along the line of what i can afford. looking at new cars made me realize that shadow is already nine years old and getting up there in age. as much as i want to get a new car, the timing may not be right yet

day 767 – self driven bmw


a bmw with zero horsepower, and only as much manpower as the rider supplies it. the two parts that i needed to buy today quite possibly broke my bank, i bet more than the cost of this two wheeler. standing at parts and service department counter waiting to pick up the head lights and tail lights. this labour day saturday had a little bit of everything from sunshine, tennis, gym, bmw dealership, car maintenance, random strolls, appointment, meeting, sushi and even starbucks