day 2165 – pretherapy

a massage appointment that was rescheduled and rescheduled since early june. this was an appointment was originally set to take a look at my stiff neck and shoulders but turns out he has to tend to my hip was well. one thing i need to do a better job of for self care is stretching and rolling. i should consider switching my mattress and pillow because the pain and tension is ongoing

day 536 – hips don’t lie


because it has happened so many times, i now am trained to know when some things are out of alignment. i am almost certain my hip is out and it’s pretty much taken my knee with it and made my whole back seize up from compensating. at the moment, taping my knee is the only way i can make it functional. good thing my kinesiologist helped me out a bit hopefully enough to tough it out before i go into physio next

day 227 – random curiosity


curious how i would fit into my student’s size 1 chest protector. felt pretty good and unrestricting too bad it sits three inches above my hip meaning I would expect regular bruised hips, i will stick with size 2 because i like my hip bone and wouldn’t want to bruise more thanĀ i already do