day 1879 – teaching shifts

two teaching shifts after lots of jamming isn’t ideal. not the best day of teaching at taekwondo having to deal with a number of difficult students. the first hour had a handful of uncooperative students while managing a class of thirty two very beginner class. one kid wouldn’t follow instructions, one wouldn’t stop complaining, and one wouldn’t move and kept crying. i couldn’t attend to at the same time, but i did the best i could out of the gongshow situation. survived the day on two peanut butter toasts and a sore throat

day 1251 – canucks win


sitting in the three hundred level watching the canucks host and beat the avalanche. finding parking was a little bit of a gong show, but we made it in time before puck drop. it’s their fourth straight win and one that didn’t require overtime or shootout. it’s still early, but at least the canucks are back in the playoff picture. luckily there was no fat guy next to me this time making me feel claustrophobic

day 1244 – door crashing


door crashing with my dad for my portable hard drive and his television sound system. it doesn’t look like much from the outside, but the line up to the cashier was an hour long. i didn’t want to see the gong show at metropolis today so i went home and took an hour nap before continuing with my day. i did more black friday shopping than boxing day shopping; that’s a good thing because i really need to control my spendings and work harder at saving

day 116 – what’s the occasion?


was passing by aberdeen centre and saw various perfomances,┬ásome of them are very interesting like this group dancing to gangnam style music. not entirely sure what the event is celebrating or promoting for and it certainly wouldn’t be a good location choice to do some homework