harrison holiday


for as long as i can remember, my weekend can never been classified relaxing. spending my rare weekend off with mo at harrison was an enjoyable and relaxing one. we had our active moments hitting the gym, hitting tennis balls, hitting golf balls and hitting the water. we also had our relaxing moments just soaking in the hot springs and hot tub until our skin started peeling. and then i remind myself sometimes it’s okay to indulge and eat a little and drink a little because i keep myself in check mostly for times like this. i would definitely say it was a different kind of weekend than the ones i am accustomed to, but i enjoyed the company and quality time we shared. the weekend getaway with this goof was a memorable one

day 1123 – going natural


second day of adventures at harrison was a laid back one. i don’t think my body understands the concept of sleeping in, i naturally woke up at 8am without the help of an alarm. we hit up the driving range and explored bridal falls before taking full advantage of the resort facilities two days in a row, dipping in the hot springs and doing some laps in the pool. been a relaxing trip so far, hopefully it’ll be what i need to recharge me when I return

day 979 – mini golf


it’s good to have some sort of laid back exercise to fall upon on non strenuous recovery days. had a fun time mini golfing; it brings the kid out once again. i thought cosmic golfing was the coolest part. it’s been a couple¬†years since i last picked up a club, so having a slight handicap is completely normal. finished off a relaxing night with a nice dinner and a shared hedgehog parfait

day 261 – easter friday


i have been around cambie area all my life but never walked into vandusen garden ever, until today. got free passes to vancouver attractions so took the opportunity to check out vandusen and also pitch and putt at queen elizabeth park. very pleased to see the weather cooperate with my plans, the sun managed to peak out most of the day, too bad time doesn’t allow me to check out other attractions this pass has to offer