day 2625 – official wall flip

i had a good session tonight, landing my wall flip that’s finally worthy of a post. i’ve always been fascinated by this trick but had put it off to the side and only picked it back up recent weeks. i landed my very first unspotted one late september, but i wanted to make it better before i call it official. though today’s is official, i’ll keep refining it because my ultimate goal is to do it outside on flat surfaces. i’m super grateful that my coach has been so supportive of my journey and spotting me endlessly until i got comfortable

day 2594 – cart front floored

the journey of my cart front has been a draining one. i’ve been wanting this move on the floor for months and drilled it day in day out. i went into the gym every time drilling cartwheels, then on red mat and then blue mat, but always missing a piece that’s critical for landing. i’m happy i finally had to courage to go for it on the floor and landed my very first one. though it’s considered landed, i’m not calling this one official because i think i can do better. i went home feeling good, knowing i can actually do this and the light at the end of the tunnel is near

day 2016 – spotted progress

a really happy moment tonight when i went for it and did a some spotted roundoff backtuck from the floor to blue. since my roundoff snap down was feeling pretty strong during overtime practice, i asked to go for it. i then went on to do one last one, unspotted. i didn’t land it, but i was told it was the biggest step because i just diminished a lot of the fear and uncertainty that it came with. i’ll be the first to say it was scary, but unlike all the previous times i tried something for the first time, i didn’t allow myself to overthink and just went hard. just good to see another progression towards what i’ve always wanted