day 2601 – air quality

the air quality warning in vancouver continues from the fires south of the border. it’s funny even the weather network forecasts the condition as smoke. my headache has gotten really bad because of this layer of smoke. i can’t really be outside for long periods of time. i hope this haze passes soon after the rain and wind comes by. i would like to enjoy the last of the summer season outdoor

day 1668 – weathering

the cold vancouver winter is quite frightful and unpleasant for my shadow. the weather forecast has issued a heavy snowfall warning that starts at 6am. i don’t enjoy the snow on city roads because i’m slipping and skidding everywhere. the sight lines up at the mountain is a much better view. it’s making me think back on the warm summer days when i would be outdoor without frozen fingers

day 608 – gloomy weather


on the weather network app monitoring the weather for the next couple days. the forecast looking wet which will only ruin my long weekend plans because i finally have a rare weekend off. hoping by checking more often, it will increase the chances of forecast suddenly changing for the better and give me some sunshine. so far it doesn’t seem like it’s working in my favour but i can only remain hopeful

day 47 – don’t look now


yuck, what has the weather forecast become??!! although the official change of season has yet to come, but looks like the inevitable autumn season has arrived without summer’s permission. i am sure i am not the only one that is depressed by the coming of the season of rain onslaught