day 760 – road disasters


a rainstorm overnight caused citywide chaos in just about every form. from road blocks due to fallen full grown trees, major intersections turned four way stop due to malfunctioning traffic lights, poor water drainage causing street floods to massive power outages that spread over numerous neighborhoods. as if that wasn’t bad enough, everyone seems to have forgotten how to drive properly like it was an apocalypse. seriously, stay calm and drive on or get off the road so you don’t stop the rest of the population. just because the traffic lights are malfunctioning, doesn’t mean you as a person should malfunction as well


day 242 – typhoon


reported massive flooding everywhere in hong kong streets, malls and mtr stations, and that’s probably one of the rare times when you will find an unpopulated sector in hong kong. friend sent me this photo and i thought it was a waterfall at first glance, almost don’t remember how hong kong pouring is like but this gives me recollection. they are clearly not as prepared as we are for down pours