day 2711 – gnarly finger troubles

the aftermath of an accident while climbing some structures outside. good thing my friend was calm throughout the whole situation and helped me bandage up five fingers with the first aid kit in his trunk. it was difficult to see the extent of the cuts in the dark especially when i couldn’t feel my fingers in the cold, but i really did not want to go to the hospital which was nearby

day 2096 – cardiac pulmonary resuscitation

even though my current license doesn’t expire until next year, i decided to join in on a full day first aid course at richmond martial arts. i overslept and woke up late for the course, but good thing i only missed the introductions. not a lot changed since my previous first aid workshop and swimming lifeguarding courses, but that’s not to say there isn’t. it’s good to stay on top of these courses because there’s a few surprising changes to the cpr procedures. i was too drained to trick tonight, but i did manage to do some shopping at sportchek

day 1516 Рlevel b certified 

nine hours of my sunday spent at st john’s to take my recertification course and now i’m back to saving lives. good old timmy’s to help me get through and stay awake through the boring stuff, just like those university days. the test at the end of the course was easy peasy. i have a feeling there’s more to come in order to complete my nccp, but hopefully the next one won’t be nine hours long

day 927 – first aid kit


taping because i am wrecked and can’t get medical attention until after a weekend full of activities. the pain is so strong i don’t recall pain overriding the painkillers, or just popping painkillers in general. before i can get medical help, i am relying on tape jobs, compression sleeves, flossing and heat pads. one of those is bound to let me continue, there’s really no stopping or pausing in life