day 448 – paying bills


it’s that time of the month to do my finance when bills and receipts are flying all over the place and i am scrambling to gather all. this is when i wished i did more window shopping and less actual shopping and impulsive buys to minimize the hole that is now burning in my wallet. it all comes down to resistance and make sure it doesn’t cut too much into my savings


day 104 – temporary financial relief


every payday is always a happy day like christmas or chinese new year came early. paychecks feels better in my hand than in my bank account and wish it came more often than not. should really make time to go to cash them in the bank because any interest is better than none

day 67 – paycheck day


beginning of the month usually means a lot of cash flow going in and out of my bank accounts. only problem is it’s usually more out than in. controlling my expenses and managing my credit card bills can be a huge hassle. nonetheless, the feeling of poor continues with or without paychecks