day 478 – dawn darkness


waking up at 6am in this season is depressing, only see the darkest skies and nothing else. it’s november and can’t help but wonder when the sunny days will come back to us. the whole city looks different at this hour, deserted and lifeless. this is way too early for me to be awake let alone be ready to get out of my house, it will be a long day ahead. but i am just glad it is finally friday


day 352 – casual friday


it’s finally friday, felt like dressing casual and dressing down with jeans and loafers. time is flying by ever so quickly and another week comes to an end. looking forward to a different kind of weekend, where i actually have half a weekend like a normal person with saturday off teaching but still need to prepare for the long sunday haul

day 93 – so true…


you know the┬ámonth of november has hit me when these words are true because it tends to be a busy time of the year. just thinking about my to do list including my applications doesn’t have me jumping for joy. never too busy to complain how busy i am, its part of┬ánatural human behavoir