2020 year at glance

the past three hundred and sixty six days can’t really be summed up in a few words. it was a whirlwind of a year full of surprises and struggles. despite the uncertainties revolving around my job, taekwondo, circle of friends and my future, there were many good things that came about. i’m grateful for the strides i’ve taken and hurdles i overcame with ankle recovery. i’m proud of the progress of my tricks and consistency of my back tucks. i’m happy i stepped outside of my comfort zone and got my first taste of film industry. i’m surprised i finally made the all important move in taekwondo to propel me forward. most importantly i’m thankful my family and friends are staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. this year was a weird one, especially when the pace of my lifestyle has slowed significantly

day 2670 – sfu scouting

made a trip up to simon fraser university in the evening to scout for good filming places. we walked around outside couldn’t access a lot of the facilities. most places we passed by were too dark to do a nightshoot unless we bring our own lights. eventually, we found an unlocked lecture hall in the quadrangle and was setting up for a back tuck video until a security came in to kick us out. we had to get our id’s checked but i doubt they can actually do anything with the info

day 2639 – night shoot

third straight day at sun yat sen, this time for a night shoot. a few of us carpooled to circus for a 2pm crew call. we checked in and chilled in my friend’s trailer before changing into our costumes. the temperature at night dropped below zero; i was freezing even with thermal gear and a bunch of hot shots taped over all. i learned night filming requires a hot air balloon as a light source. we broke for lunch at 11pm and wrapped at 2am. i got home as soon as i could because i still had class to teach in the morning

day 2638 – extra rehearsal

the crew having a rehearsal in between shoot days. what was suppose to be a half day rehearsal became full day because the cameraman wanted to go through a dry run with us. as a result, we sat around and waited until he was done his other duties. my main jobs for these scenes are to run around in the background, be a dead body, get up and run around some more. i’m just glad that we didn’t firm up any afternoon plans or else i’d have to cancel last minute

day 2637 – shoot day

i woke up feeling like i never slept because i arrived ready for crew call starting at 5:40am. i’m pretty excited to be on set for the first time, i just haven’t woken up so early in a long time. it started off pretty busy going all over checking into different trailers, changing into costume, doing hair, checking make up and learning the new “animal form” choreography. we were on set until almost 7pm for a thirteen-hour day. it was pretty smooth day; i followed instructions to the best of my abilities and learned everything on the spot. the lesson of the day is always eat breakfast because we didn’t break for lunch until 3:30pm

day 2621 – auditioning

there wasn’t details given besides the fact i have to film myself mimicking a video i was sent. i later learned that i’m actually filming an auditioning video for an sae job. i have no idea how this all works and what i’m getting myself into. this is a whole new realm for me, but it’s good that i’ve been given the opportunity to try this out. i’m excited to try something new that’s completely out of my comfort zone while gaining some experience

day 2619 – monster cam

i like the new october schedule shifted an hour earlier so i can get off and still have somewhat of an afternoon. i agreed to help film something after work without knowing what it was. it was a creative yet crazy idea that involved a car, painter’s tape and flips. as crazy as it was, i was brave enough to even ask to try one myself. i think i’m at a point where i can challenge myself and take my back tucks on different surfaces and situations. i ended up getting some cool footages for the gram. i wouldn’t mind filming more of these crazy ideas and eventually having more “outside” land-able tricks

day 2259 – film set

a couple men came into the office carrying a whole bunch of equipment. apparently, we hired a filming company to record some footages for our new company website video. i don’t know what it’s all about, but they conveniently set their equipment at my desk and i was too shy to go back to my desk to work. i was then forced to take lunch because i couldn’t do anything productive

day 1836 – twirls

two weeks of no progress drove me crazy and today i finally see marginal improvement from my last physio appointment. deep down i knew the answer was a no go even think about trying to go flipping. i shouldn’t risk screw up the slightest improvementby by forcing premature attempg. still, i felt like practicing my five forties so found some empty space at the gym and went at it. it’s rusty especially not being able to use my arms properly, but practice is practice

day 317 – filming


don’t know the exact reason they are clogging up the streets but there’s road blockage sighted on granville street with large crew preparing for some filming. can’t get used to seeing snow in june, even if it’s artificial snow. and if they could make some artificial snow, i would go to the mountain in june