day 1522 – cavity check 

an extra unpleasant filling cause dentist said he had to use laser to cut some of the gum. that explains why i had four shots and still felt the numbing two hours into teaching. it makes eating difficult and it makes me hungry and not hungry at the same time. at the end of the day, i find myself a bit more disappointed with each passing day. it felt promising at times, but in the end i still haven’t been convinced. i’m still alone second guessing whether i’m only good and wanted when i’m willing to do what’s asked. it feels as though it’s more for the benefits and less of what my needs are. as long as i have this feeling, i will have my guard up and find ways to refuse it no matter deprived or not

day 648 – voodoo donuts


everyone has good things to say about voodoo donuts. word is lineup for these filthy dough usually goes out the shop and down the block, so obviously we must get some while we are down there. only now do i believe donut shops that opens 24 hours a day exists cause we went there past midnight and there was still a lineup. i have little knowledge or understanding of donuts, i guess it was good but not special enough for me to lineup 20 minutes for

day 24 – pastries treat


a student’s parent generously bought a box of baked pastries for us instructors to share during class time. left untouched until the end of class when we had a difficult time splitting the buns amongst ourselves. these calories and sugar filled baked goods will sit in my kitchen for a while