day 1683 – fancy pastry

getting treated by the marketing team with some fancy decadence. in the week long absence of my manager, the few us of leads held the fort down and the marketing manager went the extra mile to make some callouts. in my mind, i was just going about my business; in the eyes of others, we presented ourselves professionally even when other departments tried to rattle us. while some took the opportunity to slack and call in sick, i kept going in day after day. ten weeks into the year, i’m the only one in design department to still have a perfect track record and still planning on going strong

day 318 – happy dad’s day


celebrating father’s day early with a dinner at the french table where everything is extremely overpriced. i wouldn’t say the food was awesome, but it wasn’t too shabby. cheers to the best dad out there, i know all these years he would go the extra mile to do what’s bestĀ for me. and no matter how often i frustrate him, he still hasn’t given up on me. afterall, giving a hard time to parents is all part of what a daughter should do