day 733 – airport outlet


heard it was crazy crowded the first few weekends of it’s grand opening so didn’t bother joining the rush. my parents wanted to check out the mcarthur glen designer outlet this weekend and i didn’t mind tagging along as the third wheeler. it’s a nice area but there’s no special sale that would have been worthwhile for me to lineup for several weeks back. things weren’t particular cheap but i did however buy a couple items from under armour

day 641 – night photography


tonight was a rather chilly night, but went out with a friend in search of the picture worthy places around town to capture some of the very best of vancity. this is my first time taking out my expensive toy and a tripod to take night shots. it is also my first attempts to play around with dslr and long exposures functions. here’s a pretty dandy shot which i thought deserved tonight’s notable mention. some of the pictures turned out quite well. i think i’ll have to invent more time in photography to get better understanding of my camera’s capabilities

day 574 – pink it forward


pink is the name of the game on antibullying day. tonight i made a detour to pass by the five sails because it was lit up pink. it was cold, so as long as you are bundled up, walking along the seawall at night is very nice and calming. the refractions of colours in the water sums up the stillness of the night. i am sure it’s more beautiful in the spring and summer time

day 531 – winter sun


surprisingly sunny on a january afternoon but it is still very cold out there. the weather has been the same past few days, sunny by day and foggy by night. i wish i could take a jet plane to fly above the clouds to take pictures of the city through the fog. i heard you can get very mysterious snapshots with the fog. but since that’s not possible, i will take an afternoon stroll under the clear blue sky and white clouds

day 426 – out and about


i had the desire to walk outside just because it was nice out. it may be sunny but it’s deceivingly chilly and that’s the typical vancouverites have gotten to know so well. i still want to deny that the season has changed, but there’s no denying when i need to pull out my autumn jacket. i cannot believe how fast time is going, it’s the end of another month and soon christmas will be approaching

day 413 – digression along seawall


taking a long walk along the seawall to digress all that’s been happening around my life as of late. i had a rough one last night and woke up feeling like crap, but with the passage of time plus comfort and care of family and friends, it has gotten a bit less emotional. having all these bottled up inside makes life very depressing, i am still very surprised i finally let it all out and got it out of my system

day 409 – borealis aurora


up at the mountain top past 2am hoping to spot the northern lights this weekend. disappointed didn’t end up seeing it before police started kicking people out but still had a good time and the lions gate bridge and city lights from above was a bonus. snapshots from burnaby mountain with maximum zoom. taken with a tripod and canon dslr like a professional, no filter required

day 403 – lynn canyon


morning adventure to lynn canyon to see the suspension bridge in north vancouver. first time hiking this summer due to many physical constraints but glad to report my knee has no negative feedback. ended up on a longer hiking adventure than originally planned, walking on a detoured trail and starting from opposite parking lot. note to self next time hiking with flats on trails isn’t very comfortable

day 295 – strolling


spring is when the vancouver weather starts getting nice out. strolling outside one of the prime areas of downtown during mid afternoon to get some much needed fresh air and personal space alone. being able to walk along this path will be one of the biggest upside come summer time

day 176 – stroll along the seawall


out in yaletown along the seawall after dinner to look at the city scape at night. the dineout menu for the refinery sounded decent but actual food served wasn’t all that impressive and didn’t live up to our expectations. i guess i had the company that made up for the lack of sparkle