day 2656 – kungfu filming

an afternoon shoot in langley was a much shorter day compared to the first few times i was on set. it’s a big contrast compared to last filming day because we had meditating scenes instead of fight scenes. this would be my third and final day on set for this filming gig; i’m very grateful i was recruited for this job. apparently this is only the first episode of this show, i hope i get called back for future episodes and other jobs because i’ve enjoyed the learning opportunities

day 2655 – testing trailers

second day of lockdown includes carpooling to the langley home base for yet another covid testing appointment. i really like how being in film gets testing a couple times a week; it gives me the peace of mind that i’m not walking around asymptomatic. i’m not really sure what’s happening after this sae job is over because there’s been a lot of learning and experience gained

day 2626 – shattered beaumont

i’m usually not down for some pants-dropping halloween type event, but i took on the shattered beaumont offer because it doesn’t seem to be as scary. i honestly wasn’t quite sure what i was getting myself into. it was suppose to be more of an optical light illusion walkthrough experience inside a spooky house. it was a neat experience and we also got some nice photos out of it. unfortunately i wasn’t able to pull off any flips inside before they closed

day 2621 – auditioning

there wasn’t details given besides the fact i have to film myself mimicking a video i was sent. i later learned that i’m actually filming an auditioning video for an sae job. i have no idea how this all works and what i’m getting myself into. this is a whole new realm for me, but it’s good that i’ve been given the opportunity to try this out. i’m excited to try something new that’s completely out of my comfort zone while gaining some experience

day 2612 – bouldering

after coaching my saturday taekwondo classes, i’m off to the hive in surrey with my friends for my first bouldering experience. we had our orientation, then climbed for about an hour and a half before our forearms gave in. completed most level one’s without a problem but quickly realized the level two’s were a tad challenging for us. we lingered a bit and did some obligatory tricking. i got a chance to try my back handspring step out which is the first time i’m doing it off the blue mat. bouldering gave my forearm a crazy workout, i’m starting to worry they won’t work at apex tomorrow

day 2607 – spotted wall flips

revisiting wall flips since the first time i tried them early last year. i remember being way more scared back then and needing to do lots timers before the actual flip. i got a heavy spot then because even my spotter didn’t trust that i’d commit and probably worried i would do something unexpected. i’m a little better now. i got a few reps in and the attempts were already more trusted than last time. this trick might be more attainable than i initially thought now that i’ve gotten many more head over heels experience

day 2531 – hunter life

i’ve never been a gamer all my life, but playing games has been quite a stress relieving past time since covid times. i bought a few more games during the steam summer sale so i could play and chill with my friends. we’ve been exploring a lot of the hunting game and we’re mesmerized by how beautiful the graphics are. learning the true life of a hunter and realizing it’s a really hard job. i definitely lack the gaming experience so my gun and aim needs a lot of work

day 2264 – scooter ride

just because the sun was still out, we did a spontaneous trip out with scooter rentals. i must admit i was nervous since i’ve never ridden a scotter in my life and haven’t ridden a bike in years. we rode it from the shop in mount pleasant to ubc, taking all the bike routes possible. i stayed pretty safe for the most part with the exception of putting my foot down while trying to stop at top speed. that really did it for my knee and i couldn’t put much weight on it afterwards. it was a really fun experience and this checks off one item off my bucket list. though next time i know to layer up because it got really chilly

day 2137 – paris local

fifth and last day in paris, and i’m turning into a local. though i didn’t get a chance to bike to the roland garros stadium, i’ll still be happy i finally got a chance to bike in europe. it was rather scary biking on the road, let alone bike along side parisian drivers that know no rules or etiquette. as the boys and i were biking, we witnessed very intense road rage that saw a man get bumped by a car and proceeded by zooming off. it was an interesting experience using the paris velib because we were scurrying to find a docking station every so often so not to get extra charges. nevertheless, we finished our route and came out alive

hustling 2019


2018 was demanding for it was intertwined with many accomplishments and disappointments that brought forth many mixed emotions. i can’t deny i had stretched myself too thin more times than i’d like, and the year had flown by before i knew it. i was overloaded at work where i experienced many influxes of workload; but through that, i had earned my stripes and established myself as a lead. outside of work, my play was also action-packed. i took a step back from taekwondo, but have the intention to step back in once my tricks and flips are ready. i wouldn’t say i had a particularly healthy year; not having escaped the injuries – this time being my shoulder. i lost sight of my fitness at times, but still kept it within reason. with all the successes and setbacks of the past twelve months, i had a lot of take backs knowing i had grown and proved that i could handle myself in uncomfortable situations. looking ahead, 2019 will be a year of hustle where i’ll be chasing some pretty ambitious goals i had set for myself. again, i expect myself to continue grinding and hustling for everything i’ve always wanted. i’m committed to investing the next three hundred and sixty five days to become the best version of myself

i experienced the best and worst of days in 2018, but nothing i couldn’t overcome. the darkest moments stung and the brightest moments shone, but above all, i managed to stay afloat. as 2018 departs, i’m looking ahead and expecting a lot out of myself in 2019

  • get healthy and stay injury-free #gethealthystayhealthy
  • consistent training #leanmachine
  • proper eating #eatsmart
  • love myself for who i am #selfcare
  • love my family #familymatters
  • reconnect with friends #circleoffriends
  • savings and assets #budgetlife
  • explore and travel the world #roamtheplanet
  • more me time for what sets my heart on fire #metimemovement
  • career advancement #careerdevelopment
  • step back onto the mat #roadtonationals
  • setting my priorities #prioritiesincheck
  • learn or take up new skills and knowledge #foreverlearning

i’m ready to make some gains and get the best out of what 2019 has in store. it’ll be one heck of a ride as i’m on a mission to find my strong