day 2716 – new space

the first class in the new year is also the first class ever since i’ve announced the existence of vector. we’re in a new space which will be the temporary location until i start shopping for the permanent location. the space is small and slightly cramped, but i’ll manage and do what i can with what’s given. when things are stable, i’ll know it’s the right time to take bigger actions

day 149 – facebook addicts


saw this sold behind the target cashier counter and found it extremely hypocritical. i don’t see how a $25 gift card selling for exact face value would be of any discount. not to mention i honestly had no idea such gift card existed and still wondering why would anyone want this as a gift.

day 64 – ilx


what would have been my top choice for new car if it weren’t for the current car. the rear of the ilx carries some resemblance to my beemer, but still not as spiffy. i know its still new and trying to break into the market but so far i have yet to see them on the road, this would probably be the first