day 1002 – revisiting jericho


by the water hoping i won’t be feeding the flies and mosquitoes. jericho brings back a lot of memories from the studio term that i spent doing a beach redevelopment project. but tonight, my job was to forget about all that and be one with the calmness. times when we can stand ashore to look out across and get a good view of downtown vancouver. i’ll definitely want to be back here again when summer really hits

day 195 – down time in downtown


taking some time off to refresh and wrap up all the grudge and negativity i hold as it is time to move on from the recent understanding or lack there of. wandering around and revisiting an area that i once spent countless hours during my studio. after briefly going down memory lane, a stop at the warehouse was in order

day 165 – good to be back


back on ubc campus on a sunday for the first time in a long time to attend ubc sala thesis event. nice to be back in familiar ground and be a part of some thesis reviews to see many familiar faces. reminds me a lot of what ends was all about but must say it was a strange feeling

day 158 – the story of enclosure


this is my favourite model and most meaningful piece of artifact that i have built around.  enclosure has never escaped my mind for the past couple years and has practically been the story of my life as an ender.  it has given me so much inspiration and provided with so much freedom to expand upon