day 938 – big dumbbells


hanging around with the big boys with the big weights. finally stepping it up and trying to befriend that sixty and sixty-fiver for rows. elbow held up well for back day, but once dodgeball rolled around, it’s completely shot again. clearly something is really wrong with it but i still haven’t figured it out. i need to get to the bottom of this in a hurry. i can’t go through the rest of the season either not throwing or throwing in pain

day 933 – voodoo

img_20200130_2327151802537736241683869.jpggot my hands on these and will be flossing ever so often until my elbow gets better, or good enough to do normal things. i have felt a significant amount of strength lost in that arm ever since but can’t really work it in its current state. hoping this will be the cure so i can hold off on physio until i have a gap in between my hectic schedule. but no matter what the condition is, training, sports and fun doesn’t stop for nothing