day 1364 Рtoasting 

img_20200204_1621288582902095855352102.jpgi can tell you such restricting diet sucks when all i really wanted today was a chocolate chip cookie. it’s times like this when i crave all the bad stuff that i consistently pry myself from anyways. i’ve had enough plain bread and blandness the past week. my first trial run of first real food was an egg and my treat of the day was pint sized chicken udon for dinner. people have been telling me i shrunk, and my face is noticeably paler, skinnier and look borderline unhealthy

day 83 – bubble waffle


huge lineup at this aberdeen foodcourt kiosk, waited in line for so long to get my one order of bubble waffle because person in front of me had five orders of the same thing. god knows why she needed so many orders and hope she isn’t finishing that alone. but i¬†was in dire need to have my craving fixed, so if you ask me, it was certainly worth the wait