day 2726 – gumbi connection

i usually shy away from the working on the floor and do most of my things on blue or red. spending more time on the open floor drilling moves and combos is definitely pushing myself. it’s a good indication that i’m becoming more comfortable with some moves and becoming more of a tricker. in tonight’s open gym session, i finally connected my gumbi pop back tuck which feels very satisfying. i also managed to pull out a combo i landed just before my back fell apart. tonight marks the start of my gainer flash journey. it was a good session

day 2717 – night training

a forced break for over a week and i’m back to my first night open gym in weeks. made sure i took my time with rolling out my psoas and did my back stretches before starting any training. during warm up, my body felt like it forgot how to move, but slowly started figuring things out as the session went on. the first few gumbis felt broken, but after a few cues from the coach, i got it back looking more like my normal gumbi attempts. over the past few sessions, i’ve been working on them and the progression has been good; looking almost like a proper gumbi. i’m determined to get it down and combo out of it

day 2710 – gumbi drilling

one of the few moves i can actually practice with my back issues is the gumbi. i can’t do anything on my normal cartwheel side, but can do dark side moves, so it was perfect for me to drill a whole bunch of gumbis. for the first time ever, i felt like some of the attempts started to resemble a gumbi instead of a dark side cartwheel. i’ll keep drilling them and hopefully get it down in next few trainings

day 2684 – webster practice

entering day six of my cut with depleted energy level and stiff back but still keen on training what i can. the focus of my limited back tuck attempts today was on drilling and improving the set. i thought i would spend most of my session on kicks, but the only passable kick today was the backside 9. the cheat 7 was a total disaster, i fell on the dozen i tried and then gave up on it. websters was the pleasant surprise; they were feeling really good and i was getting the hang of using my take off leg and even started incorporating the knee grab

day 2645 – onesie flip

showed up to halloween class with my dino onesie ready to throw some tricks. i could say i made little progress all year, but at least i was willing to throw a back tuck, x-out, back handspring and scoot tuck on the floor when called upon. what i’m most proud of today wasn’t any of that – but that i had the courage to go for the back handspring back tuck on blue mat. i had this move in my head a few months back, but failed to make any attempts. i don’t know what pushed me over the top today, but coach told me to go for it and i think that gave me the extra courage to just do it. i started to get around and onto my feet within a few tries. i’m excited to keep drilling this and get better at connecting my tumbling

day 2616 – self serve gainers

gainer flash was set up to so we could try them on our own without a spot. i’m very glad the coach pushed me to go overhead instead of sticking with the swinging cartwheels. i needed to be brave to swing into that, but i was able to pull off a few by myself which i would consider as a breakthrough. i think this was only possible because i’ve gotten to a certain comfort level with my back handsprings and flash kicks

day 2609 – unspotted wall flips

i didn’t think it would happen second day back drilling this trick, but i did my very first wall flip on my own tonight. though it’s my first, i’m not counting it just yet because i know i can make it cleaner and better. i’m just so excited that my coach trusted me and took a step back, while i took a leap of faith and committed to my first one. honestly hands off from my spotter is always a huge step for me because i’ve always had a problem of holding back when that transition needs to take place

day 2504 – after class fronts

this week covers one of the move i really want – cart front. i was tired from the heavy squats earlier in the morning, but i really wanted to keep practicing after class. the coach came up to watch, but was displeased with what he saw and how i was drilling it. i felt bad because i let him down; he had every right to be angry. he grilled me until i could do it with the proper technique he wanted and sometimes being pushed hard is what makes me dig deeper. i really do appreciate that he spent time after hours helping me out with a move i really wanted. he’s also the one that doesn’t give a crap about my self confidence. i know i can handle it, but it’s also demoralizing

day 2438 – aerial breakthrough

sunday night private gym training was a strong and productive one. as usual, we started off with paddle kicking and footwork. then we developed a routine where we each took turns drilling the same one kick and one flip for five rounds before moving onto the next move. we did a couple sets of those before spending the last bit working through some of our freestyle form. i felt like my tricking aerial just came altogether today, my backside 9 also started coming back and i was able to combo those two together. i’m happy i started working on rapid 9’s which hopefully is soon to be cheat 9’s. i definitely deserved that alley bubble tea at the end

day 2435 – handstand practice

keeping a steady weekly routine of four workouts, three sprints and three tricking sessions. i’ve really enjoyed training with the crew – they’ve kept me motivated and accountable and i hope i do the same for them. from this, i’ve noticed constant improvements whether it’s my basic kicks, tricking, combos or tumbling. another night training with the private gym squad. i will continue to drill everything i’ve ever wanted and come out of this quarantine with newfound strength and skills