day 1837 – work hours

what has my work hours become better be temporary. i’m on my work laptop saturday night hammering out some project work after my teaching shift. i pulled out the laptop thinking i’ll get some work done. what was intended to be a one hour thing soon became a four hour thing. i’m burnt out from the amount a work a week because over sixty five hours just isn’t normal nor healthy

day 365 – getting work done


making good use of my time and being productive sure makes time go by much quicker. been so fed up of this incompetent computer that can’t support and lags when using any large programs. something needs to be done about this because it totally affects my productivity and efficiency

day 33 – off day lunch


labour day lunch with parents and revisiting the coal harbor cactus club that i was a part of. sitting in front looking out into the water enjoying my delicious short ribs while feeling a gentle ocean breeze. stuffing my face with some protein followed by a calm afternoon stroll along the seawall