day 2196 – cephalexin

i’m hit by the side effects of the prescribed drugs. my cognitive skills are compromised and it’s certainly making me feel weak, fatigued and slightly drowsy. also signs of dizziness and nausea kicked in first thing in the morning. part of me thinks that the dosage of four pills per day is too high, but who am i to judge. i just have to worry about finishing what’s in the bottle unlike last time

day 792 – unhappy throat


i know there’s a recommended limit within a time span that says you shouldn’t have more than four in an hour, but i was a little desperate to make my throat less grungy. consuming this many just in the morning alone and not having much improvement probably means that it’s not working very well. need to find an alternative source that will do my throat justice, but in before then, i will be coughing all the time before┬ásomething helpful comes along and cures me