day 781 – rained in


having tennis withdrawal already even though it hasn’t been that long since i last played. the cold, rainy and cloudy weather as of late makes me feel even more gloomy inside. i don’t want to make myself believe it will only get worse in the next few months and that outdoor tennis will be put on hold. honestly i love vancouver but i am more suited for longer summer seasons where my tan doesn’t fade as easily


day 716 – take me back


take me back home to where i belong. where the night meets the day seamlessly and not much could get in the way of me and my dreams. when i thought i had friends that would last forever and get me through tough times. what i dreamt i would accomplish and make a difference in this world. who i thought i would become to be strong enough to withstand. how i thought i would live my life, standing affront the beach and gazing out at sunset

day 478 – dawn darkness


waking up at 6am in this season is depressing, only see the darkest skies and nothing else. it’s november and can’t help but wonder when the sunny days will come back to us. the whole city looks different at this hour, deserted and lifeless. this is way too early for me to be awake let alone be ready to get out of my house, it will be a long day ahead. but i am just glad it is finally friday