day 2382 – booster juicing

been craving booster juice for a while so took the splurge and tried the wildberry basil. it was one of the most healthy drink on the menu and best used for an after hockey refreshment. i guess it could be used as a consolation for not having played one of my better games. i also got a little roughed up with some marks on my forearm and a swelled up bad ankle

day 697 – montreal poutine


and a poutine to wrap up my montreal nationals trip. i couldn’t leave montreal without having eaten their city’s most famous food – where the infamous smokery poutine originated. there’s a lot of guilt with every bite cause i have been eating too much and definitely too much filthy junk food all trip long. i definitely need a detox once i get back and everything should go back to normal with healthier foods

day 658 – supress cravings


it is so difficult to suppress random food cravings especially so when i am stressed out. and then it’s that moment when i finally manage to suppress my sushi¬†craving, but then end up getting something else even more unhealthy instead. it probably would have been a wiser choice if i went to bed earlier instead of going out to grab some fast food at some ungodly hour

day 528 – thirst craving


it’s bad when i am secretly craving milk tea, especially at midnight. this was milk tea i had during my visit to taiwan and it also tops all milk teas i ever tasted. too bad i shouldn’t have this cause there’s way too much sugar in these drinks for my own good, need to find a way to suppress these craving, but i find i always have trouble controlling myself. i think i just need to make myself go to bed and everything will be alright

day 345 – a little foodporn


out with my mom for dinner satisfying my continuous craving for sushi. can’t have sushi without ordering the sampel of salmon sashimi, but more importantly featuring tentasu’s new special roll called tropical roll. first time trying fried banana in sushi and it made a good impression, but its probably not the best of healthy choices

day 255 – sushi brunch anyone


finally made it into my schedule to catch up with an old friend. its been a busy stretch and will only continue to get busier through april and may. but after all this madness is over, i will prioritize to make time for my friends. if i haven’t seen you for a long time, don’t worry you are not forgotten

day 234 – sushi


this is one massive house roll filled with abundance of ingredients and the goodness of crab meat, avocado, salmon and tuna. three pieces from samurai sushi is all it takes to fill my stomach up. proud to claim that i am a sushi lover that will never get tired of eating sushi and crave it anytime