day 1266 – give back event

img_20200204_1715555437397905629485304.jpgthe office looked like costco because this is what we’ll use to make five hundred sandwiches for our quarterly give back to community event. it’s strictly voluntarily, but most of the staff volunteered their time to put sandwiches together; some will hand them out to the less fortunate in the downtown eastside area. it’s also a good team bonding event with all hands on deck

day 941 – stacks on stacks


a costco run to check out what’s in store and what’s on sale. perks of knowing someone that works here is so they can keep a close eye on sales of certain products. with a new bottle of optimum, i didn’t really need a new stack at the moment but couldn’t resist picking it up at a discounted price. guess that’s not a bad idea to get rid of the gift card in my wallet. also worth noting i risked my life taking this picture as some asian “see lai” was going to run my over with her shopping cart until her son screamed at her

day 777 – costco stock


looks like someone went a little crazy at costco the other day. i got home to see a stash of supplements and vitamins on the table as if costco was on a closing out sale. i guess my parents are getting ready for their hong kong trip and bringing back vitamins for grandparents and infinite relatives. i imagine these are high in demand in the east when other relatives are also putting in requests for some year after year

day 19 – new balls


not my favourite brand of balls but bought it because they were on sale on costco, and as an asian, can’t pass up on very opportunity of good sales. costco bulk packages will come in handy when i am trying to maximize my summer season and hitting on the courts whevener i can

day 17 – sorbet


costco sorbet with exotic flavours and unique packaging like pineapple shell, coconut shell, orange skin and lemon skin as bowl. not a member at costco and gladly so, or else i will be stocking up my kitchen cabinets with massive bags of junk food, ice cream and a lot of unhealthy foods