day 2569 – quarantine dinner

it’s been a crazy whirlwood day. just as we were about to begin a workout, we were notified that there’s a chance we have been in contact with someone who tested positive. we immediately had to dropped everything and take care of business. that meant we had to send out mass emails, send messages, make phone calls just to cancel everything. we also tried to lineup for testing but got turned back because it was full. i didn’t settle all my class and students rearrangement until 9pm and that’s when i could sit down and eat my homemade dinner

day 2291 – poke time

spent the statutory holiday chilling at home watching netflix and dramas. not productive but relaxing day to say the least. evening rolled around and it was a very productive. bought ingredients home and did the full do-it-yourself poke bowl for dinner. the bowl was deliciously refreshing with my favourite salmon sashimi. i wouldn’t mind making it again sometime. i also did a bunch of meal prepping for the upcoming week

day 1106 – hungriness

img_20200204_1531562313272003360520510.jpgfor some odd reason i was hungrier than usual. even after a snack, my stomach was still hungry so i ate some tofu while waiting for my mom to cook dinner. dinner was finally ready and i am happy it had some of my favourite food like baked salmon and fresh corn on a cob. having an appetite again is a good sign; maybe it’s a sign that my lingering cold is really over; or maybe it’s a sign i am healthy again