day 1891 – jump squats

walking wasn’t easy the day after i went ham with jump squats at end of class conditioning. it got me good, so good that i didn’t really want to move today. my quads are tired and stiff from the twelve sets. i only managed to do a little sample size of active recovery and a whole lot of foam rolling. it helps that i had tutor lined up after work so i wouldn’t be tempted to do other sporting activities

day 548 – pipe rolling


definitely been making really good use of my pipe ever since i upgraded from my foam. it’s been my best friend and worst enemy since day one but i know process of no pain no gain far too well. everything is so tight from the trainings, practices, normal usage and miscellaneous activities that i went overboard with. the only drawback is my back is shot and there’s nothing┬áthe pipe can do anything about because its way too stiff