day 641 – night photography


tonight was a rather chilly night, but went out with a friend in search of the picture worthy places around town to capture some of the very best of vancity. this is my first time taking out my expensive toy and a tripod to take night shots. it is also my first attempts to play around with dslr and long exposures functions. here’s a pretty dandy shot which i thought deserved tonight’s notable mention. some of the pictures turned out quite well. i think i’ll have to invent more time in photography to get better understanding of my camera’s capabilities

day 409 – borealis aurora


up at the mountain top past 2am hoping to spot the northern lights this weekend. disappointed didn’t end up seeing it before police started kicking people out but still had a good time and the lions gate bridge and city lights from above was a bonus. snapshots from burnaby mountain with maximum zoom. taken with a tripod and canon dslr like a professional, no filter required

day 218 – that city


a little flashback from the good old times just chilling with the family, eating buffets, shopping at outlets and absorbing the nightlife in vegas. taking advantage of the myvegas points i have accumulated to get freebies. would like to pay another visit soon, but with a different purpose in mind. if it wasn’t for vegas, there are also many other places i would like to visit that i haven’t yet