day 1054 – fancy feast


a rare fancy occurrence on the island for a belated celebration of our significant day. we chowed down on the many fresh seafood dockside had to offer including squid, halibut, salmon, scallop and mussels. i couldn’t have asked for more than celebrating with great company in a great atmosphere. time really flew us by; we’ve been keeping it steady and strong. three months ago, i couldn’t imagine what i was getting myself into; today, i can’t imagine what it would have been without

day 477 – aburi


nothing like spending quality time having japanese dinner with a good friend of mine. menu had so many yummy choices and all their dishes was set up with creative presentations like sashimi served on a block of ice and aburi with radish flower in wine glass. it’s a tiny little japanese restaurant on commercial drive and seating fills up fast. definitely a hidden gem full of good food

day 394 – delish dinner


tonight’s dinner was absolutely delish, and expensive. in for a treat at miku’s with mom eating fine sushi on a friday evening to kick start a long weekend. yes, how rare is it that i get to eat dinner at normal dinner time on a friday. and yes, how often can i confidently say i have a weekend that i can actually catch up on life and rest like a normal human being

day 372 – taco salad lunch


heard from many this taco salad was impressive and finally went to try it for lunch today. last day of complete freedom before my parents return home from vacation this afternoon and everything will go back to its normal operations. i guess that’s a good thing so i don’t have to take care of everything that concerns my daily needs

day 234 – sushi


this is one massive house roll filled with abundance of ingredients and the goodness of crab meat, avocado, salmon and tuna. three pieces from samurai sushi is all it takes to fill my stomach up. proud to claim that i am a sushi lover that will never get tired of eating sushi and crave it anytime

day 112 – lunch box


feeling spoiled today to find myself packed with a sushi lunch this afternoon. can never get tired of eating sushi day in day out. sometimes i wonder if any of my ancestors were japanese. one day i will travel to japan to eat authentic japanese food and maybe even learn how to make some sushi myself

day 33 – off day lunch


labour day lunch with parents and revisiting the coal harbor cactus club that i was a part of. sitting in front looking out into the water enjoying my delicious short ribs while feeling a gentle ocean breeze. stuffing my face with some protein followed by a calm afternoon stroll along the seawall

day 21 – lots of love for japanese food


a nice meal out at my new go to sushi restaurant because it’s good and inexpensive. finally got a chance to try their spicy tuna sashimi and of course couldn’t go without my regular california roll. i also fell in love with their crunch california roll ever since the first time i ordered it

day 10 – guess what’s for dinner tonight??


back again at my new favourite sushi joint with my new favourite crunch cali roll!! really can never have too much sushi and can’t imagine i will ever get tired of eating sushi. soon, all the waitress and chefs will recognize me and i will have my own vip table if i don’t already have one

day 9 – sushi again


satisfying my hunger with my second sushi meal this week, came back for more crunch house roll and alaska roll because since the first time, i have totally fell in love and now my craving won’t stop. their customer service needs a little fine tuning but their pricing is reasonable and this is my hood afterall