twenties series: [twelve] childhoodness


the transition of growing up from stage to stage is not an easy one. being a kid was easy but we wouldn’t even realize it at that time. during the first decade, there’s no need to stress, no need to worry and every day passed by like it was the best day of our lives. went to school, played with friends, had some extracurricular activities and went home happy and carefree. stepping into the second decade was a tougher because we realize there are added responsibilities and the acknowledgement of what stress is. school gets busier, homework increases, extracurricular activities piles on, not to mention drama will occur, relationships becomes unclear and the need to start thinking about career path. entering the third decade of the life, formally known as adulthood, is the toughest yet. school gets tougher, every exam and paper is like a do or die situation, extracurricular activities continues, love life has its ups and downs, and you feel like your career is trapped in fog and there’s no turning back. there are those moments when nothing is going right, everything happens out of the unexpected and everyone seems to be against you and you think long and hard and question whether you made the right decisions five years ago. i now understand why people will occasionally go in the quarter life crisis. i don’t know what is in store for me the rest of this decade and the next ones to come, but i am set to make take the positives out of situations and make it the best possible experience


day 284 – amazing or not


finally watched amazing spiderman 1 today and ready to watch the amazing spiderman sequel when i get back to vancity. i am a spiderman fan and had much higher expectations for this but turns out iactually enjoyed the traditional one more. maybe this one is too modern and high tech, spoils the one i grew up with as a child. it was good but not amazing buy all means but hope the next one is

day 11 – sweets


haven’t had these sour candies in a tube in a long long time. killing time and being lazy by laying on the couch watching tv and enjoying the teeth sticking sweets is a terrible combination. i found myself wanting them every time i go to tnt supermarket and always stopping to stare at them. maybe that’s why its better for me to avoid shopping at tnt but i guess once in a while is not too bad