day 2156 – shower squad

homemade wings, pizza and charcuteries board to go with tnt bought matcha popiscles for the shower squad. we had lots of catching up to do after not having hung out for over four weeks. we ate and talked, ate some more and talked some more before playing several rounds of taboo. the night didn’t end until 1:30am because we had so much to do talk about. this was a good night and wish it would happen more often

day 1121 – team bbq


my softball team celebration bbq with endless supply of food and plenty of alcohol. i stayed away from that and designated myself as the cook in charge of making food; i don’t think i’ve ever stood in front of a grill for such a long time. it got a little crazy after some downed a few rounds of shots, while i did play a little beer pong before i called it a night. i went home really tired smelling like oil, grease and smoke, but it was a good teambonder

day 276 – family birthday dinner


celebrating my birthday with my family a day early due to time conflicts with other obligations that takes precendence. we had a table filled with so much delicious sushi and wings and ebi mayo. the manager even hooked me up with a free birthday mars bar ice cream dessert. the combination of good company, delicious food and freebies is always enjoyable. i can’t ask for more than spending another┬ábirthday with my wonderful family