day 2642 – video editing

stayed home all day because a few covid red flags came up both on set and at flipping. although chances are minimal because i had no direct contact and maybe not even indirect contact, it’s never a bad thing to air on the side of caution. i felt bad skipping my monday workout when i had no excuse not to all morning. i spent most of my time editing my video, hopefully have it ready by the end of the night

day 1377 – birthday smoothie 

had another visit to the chiropractor office to treat my ribs. very little range of motion and a lot of discomfort throughout the whole work day, but some it calmed down after getting adjusted. sipping on my birthday smoothie helps make up for some of the pain i’m experiencing. i know chiro wanted to say no but he saw that i was adamant on playing dodgeball and gave me a cautious okay sign. i just really wanted to play even though i knew it would hurt

day 887 – city snow


i look outside the window this morning to see vancity managed to have snow sticking to the ground. i am almost surprised it didn’t happen earlier with the temperatures being consistently low, it was only a matter of time. and since my parents were out of town, i had no problem getting around driving with their vehicle. i can’t help but to think that the mountains will have great skiing conditions after last night’s snowfall

day 806 – caffeinated


morning caffeine to start the day gets me through the morning with a little less pain and a little more productivity. also helps ease the headache and neck pain from what feels like a sustained whiplash. i hope it’s nothing severe because there’s a lot to be done in the next little while i cannot afford to miss a day. kind of adds to the insult of my already sore legs and canker sore or tooth issues. i always believed that caffeine, bengay and tape solves most things, which i know a lot of people disagree with me

day 131 – first snow


snowing for the first time this season and it is a weird sight seeing all roads, cars and rooftops covered with a thin layer of vanilla icing. i wonder what the conditions are like up on the mountain. all drivers be alert and drive with caution, i would much rather you don’t drive if you are going cause other drivers grief