day 2524 – courtesy car

my car’s exhaust pipe has been really loud and rattly the last week. i had to make an appointment with autowest to get that looked at before the statutory holiday. luckily sonic is still under warranty so the loaner car and diagnostic check is covered. unfortunately, i have to pay for the overpriced gas fuel the dealership charges. i get to keep this x2 until after canada day

day 2080 – four series

brought my car into autowest to service today not expecting to come back with a big list of problems. it was suppose to be an annual oil plus a light bulb replacement, but the mechanics also reported that my washer fluid pump and oil filter gasket also needed to be replaced. i’m not replacing those with bmw because they charge way more than what the other mechanic shop had quoted me. at least i got to drive a brand new four series around for the day as a courtesy car

day 790 – xi upgraded


my ride looks a little different today while my car is being serviced. minor upgrades from the usual with the newer model, bigger engine, navigation and digital dash. wouldn’t mind if they take longer to service my car cause one day of extra luxury just isn’t enough. it was a smooth ride with cool features as expected, but i really dislike the fuel saving function of turning off engine at every stop

day 767 – self driven bmw


a bmw with zero horsepower, and only as much manpower as the rider supplies it. the two parts that i needed to buy today quite possibly broke my bank, i bet more than the cost of this two wheeler. standing at parts and service department counter waiting to pick up the head lights and tail lights. this labour day saturday had a little bit of everything from sunshine, tennis, gym, bmw dealership, car maintenance, random strolls, appointment, meeting, sushi and even starbucks

day 759 – price drop


i was driving along knight street and couldn’t believe the price of gasoline tonight and obviously couldn’t miss out the chance to get cheap gas. haven’t seen this price in vancouver for so long and it’s definitely welcome to stay. with this price a full tank of gas could possibly cost me less than eighty dollars which is unheard of with inflation and the outrageous cost of living in vancity. better get it now cause i know it won’t last long

day 755 – hello there


have the monday blues and feeling ever so tired. came home to find this stranger in my garage, far from the dark grey car i call my neighbor. for a second, i thought my parents bought an additional car and then it struck me this is the courtesy car my dad will drive while it get the autobody shop gets its bumper fixed from being rear ended. was expecting another s class mercedes. my dad tells me he’s not pleased with the new rav4

day 374 – turn off already


what does this signal even mean?? already brought it into the service shop for annual car maintenance and very annoyed the light is still blinking every single start up. i must call into the service department to have them somehow to get rid of it, or maybe its time to change my brakes