day 2323 – gingerbread house

the gumball mansion we tried to build at the office contest didn’t work so it ended up being a regular gingerbread house. it was too messy and dirty for my liking, definitely not something i would like to do often. nonetheless it was a fun short-lived hour that let me relive some of the childhood moments. i hope to find more of these joyous moments over the holiday season

day 320 – jelly belly


not what i wanted to see on the counter when i am trying to make a change. not much of a jelly bean fan but must admit this is pretty sweet. so many different flavours to choose from it has a legend and when mixed with the correct combinations, it can yield blueberry cupcake flavour

day 128 – christmas chocolates


the first feeling of christmas season when i receive my first chocolate gifts that’s red and green. the more sweets i receive, the more sugar  goes into my stomach and that can’t be a good thing cause i have no self control. i am a stubborn chocolate eater, i stick with the basics and actually have no interest for the expensive fancy stuff

day 11 – sweets


haven’t had these sour candies in a tube in a long long time. killing time and being lazy by laying on the couch watching tv and enjoying the teeth sticking sweets is a terrible combination. i found myself wanting them every time i go to tnt supermarket and always stopping to stare at them. maybe that’s why its better for me to avoid shopping at tnt but i guess once in a while is not too bad