day 2681 – ubc tuck

taekwondo still not back to regular classes this week so i taught private lessons before making a trip out to ubc. we did a grass session near thunderbird, then walked around the campus until dark. i’m very happy that i landed my first cartwheel back tuck and back handspring on grass, the two main objectives i set out for this session. my back started to feel the impact so i knew i had to put a cap on the tricking. we ended the day with sore feet because i totaled over twenty two thousand steps on my fitbit

day 2670 – sfu scouting

made a trip up to simon fraser university in the evening to scout for good filming places. we walked around outside couldn’t access a lot of the facilities. most places we passed by were too dark to do a nightshoot unless we bring our own lights. eventually, we found an unlocked lecture hall in the quadrangle and was setting up for a back tuck video until a security came in to kick us out. we had to get our id’s checked but i doubt they can actually do anything with the info

day 2243 – new ubc

its my first day off for the compressed work schedule. i haven’t been back to ubc in years; the campus seemed so familiar yet unfamiliar. lots changed since my graduation but memories will stay forever. the appointment i waited to get with the sports medicine doctor since march was a disappointment and a total waste of my time. he delivered the worst news i could possibly get by telling there’s nothing he could do if now. he followed that up by saying had he seen me right after the injury, he would have suggested putting it in a boot to help the recovery. i was outraged when i heard that because i had been on the stupid waitlist for six months

day 890 – campus grounds


i am only here because ubc can’t get it together, therefore i had to step in to put that all back into order. the campus that had it all, where lots of joy, sadness, laughter, tears, stresses and surprises collided to create lasting memories. having a nostalgic moment with the siting of irving. the brief visit was more so sprinting around trying to find answers and solutions to problems that shouldn’t have been problems to begin with

day 165 – good to be back


back on ubc campus on a sunday for the first time in a long time to attend ubc sala thesis event. nice to be back in familiar ground and be a part of some thesis reviews to see many familiar faces. reminds me a lot of what ends was all about but must say it was a strange feeling