day 2687 – trying to carb

after a week of restrictive carb diet, my body isn’t taking carbs very well. i missed lunch and was definitely hungry by the time i went to sip bowl for dinner. i was very disappointed i didn’t even make a dent in my small bowl of beef noodle before my stomach said enough and refused to take anymore. i guess i’ll have to hold off on the noodles while my stomach slowly adjusts itself to take small amounts of carbs again

day 2679 – cutting begins

my week long hard cut begins with this lunch. i’m going to cut out majority of the carbs intake and focus on a high protein high fats diet. it’s not going to be fun at all, but i’m aiming to keep daily calories to under one thousand between two meals. if this is done properly, i go back to normal eating by next wednesday. overall, the first day didn’t feel that bad, just a little low on energy which is expected

day 2672 – matchachillo

normally i don’t really question my decision-making skills, but sometimes it does make me wonder. i fasted all morning, went straight from my morning training session to my chiropractic appointment. by the time i was finished my errands, it was well after 3pm and i wanted a matchachillo from blenz over real food. i decided skipping lunch was enough to make room for the drink’s calories

day 2671 – overpass

i was on the road for the most part of the day going from covid testing in pitt meadows and then booking it to richmond to coach. after work, we had a short chill training session before going for wings. i had extra calories left in my daily quota so i really wanted some matcha dessert from myst. we ended up stopping by this cool bridge near new westminster and did some final flips before heading home. my back and ankles are definitely feeling it

day 2493 – violet drink

though i’m on a bubble tea ban, i felt like it was appropriate to redeem my starbucks birthday drink before it expired. i could’ve gone for the trenta violet refresher, but settled for venti because i didn’t need all the calories. teaching four or five straight hours on saturdays is pretty brutal, but i’m feeling privileged being able to help my students. i’ll have to either prepare something for a quick bite or get used to not eating lunch at all

day 2470 – sponge cake

the expectation of post covid times is many people will come out of this quarantine with newfound baking and cooking skillsĀ  – my mom is no different. she spends her excess time roaming around youtube, searching for new recipes and new things to cook. baking is a dangerous game because there’ll be a lot of unwanted calories available in my house. at this rate, my mom might be able to open her own bakery shop

day 2386 – up your alley

got news that the richmond alley soft opening is today. i didn’t feel the desperate need to go try it out just because i already tried the original in hong kong. i’m a big fan of their branding, type font and store decor. two years ago i was introduced the black sugar pearl milk tea, today i decided to try trio milk tea. i know this doesn’t fit into my healthy diet, but i ate some supposedly healthy puree noodles before

day 2381 – glutinous rice balls

after teaching my usual taekwondo shift, i had a bunch of paperwork to take care of and didn’t want to go out. it was family time at home with glutinous rice balls for dessert – a ritual on the fifteenth day after chinese new year. it was so delicious i couldn’t help myself but have a second serving even knowing it’s not the healthiest thing. i hope i had enough expenditure today to balance out the calories

day 2347 – exposure bubbles

six days into the new year is earlier than i’d like to break the bubble tea streak. since i was having the first of the year, i might as well go for their top pick – exposure supreme milk tea. it was premium milk tea loaded with pearls and pudding. at least i can justify it by having burned some calories prior to the enjoyment. hopefully i’ll last much longer without breaking the fast food streak

day 2301 – surrendered bubble tea

because i was still feeling the ill-effects of the bronchitis, cough and cold, i surrendered my free bubble tea to someone who would be able to enjoy it more. over a week of intense coughing day and night. i’ve gone through bottles of cough syrup, packets of lozenges and endless tylenol cold pills, yet i still can’t get some quality sleep during the night. all i want is to rid this nagging cough, sore throat and runny nose