day 2597 – flash attempts

i gave cart fronts a break after having lifted a big weight off my shoulder last session. first few flash kicks on the blue mat felt pretty good so i was asked to make some attempts on the panel mats. although i came short on the three attempts made on the floor, it’s good that i’m able to bounce back and forth on blue mat and floor while not severely hurting myself. my ankle is going to be a bit sore tomorrow, but i’m slowly learning when to call it and rest

day 1685 – board cuts

the aftermath of a blackbelt test i didn’t want to work. it didn’t bode well from the beginning and only got worse when i’m told by the grandmaster to hold a board when he knows very well my hand isn’t healed for it. it really has become a hostile environment i’m tired of bearing his unreasonable and unethical ways. it has caused me too much grief and too much sleep and i’m no longer willing to go the distance to suit his needs while i sacrifice my happiness. either his attitude has to change and respect has to be there, or that’s the end of an era