day 1191 – shroom burger


in front of me was the eastside craft house mushroom swiss burger because mo refused to let me order the double chicken patty burger; this pig says i always waste food because i can’t finish it. i’ve struggled a lot with eating over the past year; over the past months i’ve tried really hard to fix it and it’s showing signs of being normal now. fixing process and long and arduous, let’s hope i never wreck my metabolism again. one day, one day i’ll order it and finish my food


day 690 – father’s day


we gather today to enjoy a meal for the best dad i know. even when we don’t show the mutual love and care explicitly, we both know it exists. i just wanted to make sure we got this mealĀ out of the way because restaurants tend to get way too busy on the sunday of. toast to another year of memories, hoping i can make more time to share with family to create even more memories!!

day 157 – whitespot


changing it up with a dinner at whitespot. not often i go to whitespot but wasn’t particularly impressed with my visit because the wait was so long, servers were so inefficient and the kitchen was so slow. tried the new cod and prawn risotto with caesar salad and blueberry milkshake. might be an extended period of time before i decide to give it another chance