day 732 – rays as directed


went in for another set of xrays early morning to see why this foot is so annoying. another couple days before i get the report to see if there’s any major damage done. i sure hope there’s no fracture and nothing wrong with the bone structure or else i will be so deflated as if my life ended right there. it’s not cool when i have been through so many sets of xrays i almost know exactly what the whole process is


resolution series: [twentyeight] pity


everyone has their own problems to deal with, some less complex than others. there’s no secret that i have been plagued with endless injuries throughout my life. i have given up on trying to hide that, because i have learned that patchwork only makes it go away on the superficial level. unfortunately that’s just temporary fix and will keep piling on to account for greater problems. i simply cannot live without the sports and activities which i play, for it is the passion of my life. it won’t be forever, but it is my choice to continue playing and practicing them for as long as i can manage. i do intend on doing everything i can within my powers to do my rehab and maintenance work. my main focus is on getting better and stronger every single day; always be a better version of myself. don’t question my will to strive for what i want just because you have it easier. don’t question my passion to always stay hungry and carry on even when nothing goes my way. don’t question how big my heart is when you don’t know how much pain i have endured. don’t question my toughness if you don’t know what i experienced because very few people have a clue how much work, time, energy and commitment i put into making all this possible. standing on my own two feet was never a given to me, but i learn to be grateful for all the times i can. sometimes i sit alone thinking to myself i don’t deserve to be dealing with all these mishaps and i certainly don’t deserve your bashing or judgement. i need not your pity nor your approval for what i have to go through as i result of what i do. i was given this life and these obstacles because i could handle it. i appreciate those who’s helped me out along the way, it’s meant the world to me. if you have nothing good to say, don’t speak

twenties series: [four] body


once a body part is injured, it will never be the same and will never get back to its original state. it’s no secret that i have been shattered and broken through the years, my history is longer than what you can imagine. many think i am crazy for not taking the necessary breaks when i am injured and making premature and spontaneous decisions to return to action. in the past i have always believed bumps and bruises won’t stop me from doing what i do, neither does sprains and breaks. thankful for the handful of people who takes care of me and picks me up when i fall and gets me back in the game; plus the numerous people have been around to always remind me to tame it down. i still believe that but i am much more aware and concerned with the risks i take. the older i grow, the more i understand the importance of taking care of my body and doing the necessary rehab. i learned that are no shortcuts and abbreviated version of the road to recovery, i wished i learned that before my body lost the ability to sense pain and stopped sending my brain the correct stimuli. i can guarantee i am working much harder to recover correctly, taking care of my problems head on and get back stronger. i will not give up the sports i love, but i will do all with more caution and continue to do the maintenance work required. i think i am starting to understand the saying take care of your body, it’s the only thing you have to live in