day 473 – in the ring


this sunday is funday at taekwondo. back in the ring in full gear second time in three days, getting my chance to fight during a colour belt test. haven’t fought these matches with colour belts in a long time and wouldn’t mind having more of this. it was fun, felt more relaxed and calm fighting and being in control of these matches and getting extra practice seeing the game in a bigger picture, working on other aspects of my skills¬†and playing a more strategic game


day 385 – go get them


attempting to break new ground and find new sources of entertainment. this will be my next challenge to improve and perfect. recent interested in the exploration to add cooler and flashier moves to my skillset, so i am set to go get them. the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

day 49 – new dodgeball season


first week of the season is upon us!! back for more dodgeball with new team but many familiar faces. i am curious to see how rusty my throwing and dodging skills are, how much chemistry i have with new teammates and how sore i will be after laying off for a full year. this gym seems a lot smaller than i remember, but it’s still the same game of dodgeball i ¬†know