day 903 – alkalinity


i might have looked a little queer carrying this rock¬†around but ran out to get loaded up after being out of stock momentarily. this would never be a problem if only my parents listened to me and do what’s right, but i guess there’s nothing i can do about that. even though i can’t get the machine just yet, i can still get myself filled up not too far from home.


day 748 – bottle man


this guy looks like he’s doing well hoarding those recyclable cans and bottles. wonder how he does it and if because i could learn a thing of two from him to get our competition fundraising going. if he keeps collecting at this pace, he might just break out of bankruptcy with that collection, or get him a week’s worth of mcdonalds artery clogging double cheesebugers.¬†random thoughts and findings of the day to keep my boring monday drives to a minimal