day 1666 – green apple 

setting aside some time to do my run training since the sun run is only two months out. my lungs were clearly not used to all this cardio, i don’t know how people run the marathons or do ironman. though it’s sunny, the subzero temperature and icy ground doesn’t make it sense to be running outside. on my way to the gym i spotted a green apple mercedes on the road

day 1421 – solstice begins

img_20200124_1548121129728737801462007.jpgon days like this being stuck indoor away from windows isn’t ideal. the weather looks to be good for the rest of the week with the start of summer season. temperature is on the rise and it’s just one of the reasons summer is my favourite, for it brings sunshine to my life. all the fun summer activities awaits. maybe this will brighten my mood and bring me to a better place

day 1055 – bounce back


a relaxing walk in the sunshine after a strong lifting session. after a couple of less encouraging days last week, i am trying to bounce back by starting off this week strong. spent the first day of summer setting more personal best numbers and exceeding my expectations at the rack. the goal number is in sight and i am starting to believe what i was aiming for is possible; i figured it’s all because my mind was being a baby all along. i’m also happy that i’ve maintained my box jumps even after such a long lay off. i’ll keep working and improving until i reach and surpass all of them

day 1012 – village trek


woke mo up for a quick obligatory warmup workout before heading off to finish my third and final playoffs for the season. my team did well to get into the semis in a highly competitive tier. squeezing in our stroll expeditions while getting some vitamin d and making a coffee stop before we both go to our respective homes for mother’s day dinner. no sunny day is complete without our walks around town

day 939 – sunlight


it’s wonderful to see the blue skies, white clouds and sunshine outside my window. a good stretch of sunny days in vancouver and it’s more than welcome to stay. the warmth under the sun and chill in the shadows means spring is nearing. once again survived the wetness and darkness of vancity winter days but is there one more slope day before the season ends??

day 728 – summer’s day


looking like a typical july summer’s day as i sit under the sun gazing out. this is the best time for tourists to come visit the west coast. glad to see the warm and sunny weather returning to vancity but i am not physically able to enjoy the outdoor activities. i am hoping and expecting to return to my regular activities soon and is eagerly awaiting the clearance to resume all that planned

day 705 – vancity smog


the mood of vancity changed significantly due to all the smog in the skies. the combination of smokey air and humidity makes me feel so depressed. the smell of smoke from all the forest and mountain fires around british columbia is so penetrating especially in downtown vicinity. it’s so unusual to see vancouver’s summer sky turn from blue to gray, if i didn’t pay attention to the new or my newsfeed, i could easily mistaken myself being in china