day 2710 – gumbi drilling

one of the few moves i can actually practice with my back issues is the gumbi. i can’t do anything on my normal cartwheel side, but can do dark side moves, so it was perfect for me to drill a whole bunch of gumbis. for the first time ever, i felt like some of the attempts started to resemble a gumbi instead of a dark side cartwheel. i’ll keep drilling them and hopefully get it down in next few trainings

day 2684 – webster practice

entering day six of my cut with depleted energy level and stiff back but still keen on training what i can. the focus of my limited back tuck attempts today was on drilling and improving the set. i thought i would spend most of my session on kicks, but the only passable kick today was the backside 9. the cheat 7 was a total disaster, i fell on the dozen i tried and then gave up on it. websters was the pleasant surprise; they were feeling really good and i was getting the hang of using my take off leg and even started incorporating the knee grab

day 2597 – flash attempts

i gave cart fronts a break after having lifted a big weight off my shoulder last session. first few flash kicks on the blue mat felt pretty good so i was asked to make some attempts on the panel mats. although i came short on the three attempts made on the floor, it’s good that i’m able to bounce back and forth on blue mat and floor while not severely hurting myself. my ankle is going to be a bit sore tomorrow, but i’m slowly learning when to call it and rest

day 2567 – panel mat

second day back working on cartwheel back handsprings and i’m starting to feel more comfortable with the connection. i started off with the panel mat covering the edge because i’m so frightened by it. halfway through, i had the panel mats taken away from me and was told to rep them out from floor onto the blue mat. that’s a step in the right direction, hopefully i can continue this momentum

day 2417 – webster night

stayed for open gym after the killarney session. in the final half hour of open gym, i worked a lot on my failing websters. i received tips and pointers and eventually found something that seemed to work for me. i did a bunch at the end to make sure i wouldn’t forget the tips and tweaks that made it work for me. it seems to be heading in the right direction and i’m told it’s close with the better landings on blue mat. i wonder when it’d be time to land one on floor, i don’t have much more patience left working on this

day 2256 – open gyming

open gym sundays because i can afford to stay up late since i don’t have work the next day. i did some back tuck maintenance work before drilling some back handsprings and websters. when the back handsprings started falling apart, i switched over to finish the session with pop360 and kip ups. a quieter night at open gym just the way i like it. i like that there’s a lot of open space to work with

day 2247 – kip up

i was forced to re-train aerials because my ankle was feeling wonky after a landing. big surprise came as my long lost aerial, that wasn’t even close to landing for weeks, felt super solid on blue mat today. the bonus of the session came at the end when thought i’d get a few reps of kip ups in to close the night. somehow it just started to click today; i fluked the first one and fluked another half a dozen. i’m reminded that sometimes reward comes simply from being stubborn and persistent about training and getting reps in. i’m hoping that’s the case for some of the other moves i’m chasing

day 2191 – free friday

the day after making personal records deserves a bit of a rest. i still went to flightclub because i wanted to flip, but taking it easy on the training as my body works to recover. i let my body decide what it can do and didn’t push to do too much on the floor. i still did some x-out practice and ninja landing onto the blue mat. the rest of the evening was a chill one. even though i don’t have much planned, i was just glad to get the bc day long weekend started

day 2011 – wall flip


my flips were feeling strong in class and post class training. my back tucks have been coming back to me and lately i’ve been able to get solid landings on blue mat by myself. i was curious about the wall flips so i asked to learn it to which one of the coach graciously took me through the steps. they were really cool once i started going through the whole motion with a spot. although in the end i hurt my knee on one of the awkward landing, i don’t regret having asked to learn it. since i didn’t know the extent of my injury, i did have to pull out of my hockey game later that night

day 2000 – flip flops

it was one of those few flip sessions where my flips felt pretty strong. signs of improvement in my back tuck where i landed some solid ones both spotted and unspotted. cart front off the air track felt pretty good; good enough i even gave front twist a few tries. randomly revisited websters and for the first time, landed on my feet in the red. i think i have what it takes to land them, but i do know it’s a lack of confidence, which was also pointed out. i’m really aiming to hit something in january. there’s a few things on the top of my list: roundoff back tuck, gainer, moon kick, flash kick, and websters are amongst my top